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UserAndIPTools allows you to use set of various tools (e.g. global CSS/JS) and get brief information (e.g. registration date, groups and id) about user, placed in dropdowns. You can click on a dropdown to make it stay open when moving your mouse away from it.

Full list of available tools can be found below in this page.




Name Description Restricted?
Global JS Link to global JS file of the user No
Global CSS Link to global CSS file of the user No
Services API endpoint with info about the user No
CC rights log User rights log for the user on Community Central No
LookupContribs Internal Fandom tool Yes
LookupUser Internal Fandom tool Yes


Name Description URL Restricted?
WHOIS Check ISP information for IP whois.toolforge .org/$1 No
Tor check Check IP for Tor usage xmyip .com/tor-ip-check/$1 No
Proxy check Check IP for proxy usage$1 No
Spam Blacklist Check Check the if the IP is any spam blacklists$1 No
Geolocation Check geolocation info for IP db-ip .com/$1 No
MultiLookup Internal Fandom tool N/A Yes


This script doesn't require any configuration, although you can manage some of its settings via the window.UserAndIPTools object. Remember to place your configuration before import statement. The script still supports deprecated configuration statements, but please note they may be removed at any time in a future update.

Name Description Type Default value
enable Object for force-enabling normally restricted links. Note that this will only make the links show up, and will not affect usage of actual tools. Object {}
enable.MultiLookup Force Enables the Multi Lookup restricted tool link. Boolean false
enable.LookupContribs Force Enables the Lookup Contribs restricted tool link. Boolean false
enable.LookupUser Force Enables the Lookup User restricted tool link. Boolean false
disableDebug Set this option to true to disable debug logging in your browser's console. Boolean false
openInNewPage Makes all links open in new tabs instead of moving to a new site on the original webpage. Boolean false

Example Configuration

window.UserAndIPTools = {
	enable: {
		MultiLookup: true,
		LookupContribs: true,
		LookupUser: true,
	openInNewPage: true,
	disableDebug: true,
Text above can be found here (edit)