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UserStatus is a script that displays a user's status on their masthead. It could be useful for community-based wikis. It is also configurable.


Changing your status

Your status is stored at User:USERNAME/status on your wiki. You can either:

  1. Type in a status and publish it. There should be no other page content. OR
  2. Use the dropdown menu which appears on your masthead under your bio/info (legacy) or next to the "Edit Profile" button (UCP).

The available statuses are:

  • online
  • away
  • dnd
  • offline

Please edit only your own status. A warning will display if you attempt to edit others' statuses (legacy).


Settings are stored in the window.UserStatusSettings object. It can go into both personal and site-wide JS.

0 means off/false and 1 on/true.

Variable Description Available values Default value Notes
colorBlindMode Colorblind mode; adds icons to status indicators 0/1 1
lightTheme Light themed icons for colorblind mode 0/1 0 Requires colorBlindMode.
statusIndicator Display the circle next to a user's avatar 0/1 1 Not recommended if combined with MastheadRightsBadge.
online, away, dnd, offline Change the color of the status indicator string, any hexadecimal or color name #Colors String value (in between quotation marks), set each individually, unknown statuses are set to offline color

An example configuration would be:

window.UserStatusSettings = {
    colorBlindMode: 1,
    lightTheme: 1,
    statusIndicator: 0,
    online: '#0078ff',
    away: '#cc7',
    dnd: 'crimson',
    offline: 'darkgray',


Various elements can be customized via CSS:

  • .status-indicator - the circle next to a user's avatar
    • .status-indicator-online - the online status indicator
    • .status-indicator-away - the idle status indicator
    • .status-indicator-dnd - the do not disturb status indicator
    • .status-indicator-offline - the offline status indicator
  • .status-masthead - the text on the right side of the masthead (legacy)/the text next to one's editcount (UCP)
    • .status-masthead-online - text for online users
    • .status-masthead-away - text for idle users
    • .status-masthead-dnd - text for do not disturb users
    • .status-masthead-offline - text for offline users
  • .si-is-colorblind - colorblind status indicators
  • .si-is-blocked - status indicators for blocked users
    • .status-indicator-blocked - the blocked status indicator
    • .status-masthead-blocked - text for blocked users


  • Online#43b581for online users$online
  • Idle#faa61afor idle users$away
  • Do Not Disturb#f04747for users on Do Not Disturb$dnd
  • Offline/Unknown#747f8dfor offline/unknown users$offline
  • Blocked#8f0000for blocked users$blocked


Planned Features

  • Fix UCP masthead elements disappearing after editing masthead info
  • Fix UCP dropdown menu
  • Display notification when editing others' statuses (on UCP)
  • Fully change status to blocked when a user is blocked (WIP)
  • Light themed blocked icon
    • /banner.js (UCP?)
  • "Reload profile" link for /banner.js
  • User-friendly settings page (Documentation is hopefully self-explanatory enough?)
  • Built-in customizable status colors
  • Dropdown menu option to quickly switch statuses
  • Smoother animation for status menu
  • i18n-js implementation
  • Add option to remove .status-indicator via config
  • Merge main script with subpages

Text above can be found here (edit)