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VKMusic allows you to add a music track or player from the VK Music, a musical service have plenty of various music tracks uploaded into. It's similar to YandexPlayer and BandcampPlayer, but with minor differences, including option to embed a single track.


1. Install script itself:

2. Create {{VKMusic}} (or another name) template:

3. Add track or player to a page. Example:




Design settings:

  • Width and height: width=300|height=150
  • Add \ remove cover, set font color and the background — it's all configured in the link received on site Yandex Music when you click the Share button > HTML code. From the received link we need only part of src=" "

You can manually change these settings if you want:

  • hide - everything that after this parameter is hidden (for example, the "cover")
  • show - similarly, everything that after is displayed
  • cover - itself cover of track
  • black / white - theme type, change the font color
  • 1C2B45 - this is background color code, always last
Text above can be found here (edit)