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ViewDeleted adds a link on deletion logs, in Special:RecentChanges and Special:Log/delete for admins and content moderators to quickly view deleted content.



All variables are stored in the ViewDeleted global object, which must be defined before the importArticles statement.

If set to true, you won't be prompted if you attempt to preview a deleted image. Default: false
Whether the script will load on Special:RecentChanges. Default: true
Whether the script will load on Special:Log/delete. It can assume three values: false, which means that it will not load. true, which means it will load, and "replace", which will make it so no "[view content]" links are added and instead the "view/restore" links are rebinded to show the modal. Default: "replace"
Note: if the replace parameter is set, the modal will not open if you press either the control or the shift key while clicking the link. This is to allow users to access the Special:Undelete page normally.
This is an object in which you can edit the properties of the preview and content modals.

Example configuration:

var ViewDeleted = {
    noPrompt: true,
    rc: true,
    logs: false,
    modal: {
        preview: {
            width: 800
        content: {
            width: 600
// importArticles...
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