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WHAM is a script that adds a "quick tools" popup to a user's contribution page, allowing for various functions. The tool was originally developed for VSTF/Staff; however, any user is free to use the tool (see comments in /code.js). Staff/VSTF-only functions have been disabled; the original can be found here.


  • Quick block: Easily block a user. Ban duration and reason can be edited. Default duration is "2 weeks"; default reason is "Vandalism."
  • Delete all pages: Delete all pages and comments a user has made.
  • Delete selected: Delete specific pages made by the user (places checkboxes and two buttons next to user's contributions, version 2 only), similar to the Nuke extension.
  • Rollback all edits: Rollback all edits a user has made. In version 2 it will default to 100ms per rollback to improve accuracy, though this can be changed.
  • All of the options: Block a user, delete all pages made by that user, and rollback all edits the user has made. Displays a prompt to delete the user's userpage as well.
  • Bot/Remove bot: Toggle bot status on/off for a user (optional in version 2 for users who are not VSTF/staff/helper with parameter, see installation for more info). This will only work if you can locally assign bot flags on your wiki
  • Progress wheel for deletions/rollbacks taking place so you can tell when it's finished (version 2 only).



The script will only load if you are a rollbacker or above in regards to user rights. It will also load for VSTF, helpers, global Discussions moderators and staff globally. If you would like to change the default delay between rollbacks/deletions, change the WHAMDelay variable to whatever number you wish as seen in the example below (1000 = 1 second). If you would like to have the bot toggle button available, you can add WHAMBotMe = true above the import below (this isn't needed for VSTF/staff/helpers as it loads by default). To customize the default delete message, modify the WHAMDeleteReason variable. An additional optional variables would be WHAMBotReason for the reason of turning your bot flag on/off and WHAMBlockReason for default block reason. If this is not specified, it will default to "Cleanup" and "Vandalism".

Note: "All of the options" does not include the "Bot/Unbot me" action.

An example of the optional bot variables in action:

window.WHAMBotMe = true;
window.WHAMBotReason = "Cleanup";
window.WHAMDelay = 100;
window.WHAMDeleteReason = "Housekeeping.";
window.WHAMBlockReason = "Vandalism";
Text above can be found here (edit)

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