WHAM 是一個在用戶貢獻頁裏新增快速工具視窗的腳本,允許對用戶採取行動。類似時光機的功能,能夠即時封禁用戶,回退所有編輯。


  • 快速封禁:快速封禁用戶。封禁期限和原因可以自行編輯。封禁期限為兩星期,原因為「破壞」。
  • 刪除所有條目:刪除所有該用戶所創建的條目和留言(包括舊版的討論頁、新版的留言牆和討論區)。
  • 刪除選定條目:選定刪除該用戶所創建的條目(用戶貢獻頁裏會新增複選框和兩個按鈕)。
  • 回退所有編輯:回退所有該用戶的編輯。
  • 以上全部:快速封禁用戶,刪除所有該用戶所創建的條目和留言,以及回退所有該用戶的編輯。



The script will only load if you are a rollbacker or above in regards to user rights. It will also load for VSTF, helpers, global Discussions moderators and staff globally. If you would like to change the default delay between rollbacks/deletions, change the WHAMDelay variable to whatever number you wish as seen in the example below (1000 = 1 second). If you would like to have the bot toggle button available, you can add WHAMBotMe = true above the import below (this isn't needed for VSTF/staff/helpers as it loads by default). To customize the default delete message, modify the WHAMDeleteReason variable. An additional optional variables would be WHAMBotReason for the reason of turning your bot flag on/off and WHAMBlockReason for default block reason. If this is not specified, it will default to "Cleanup" and "Vandalism".

Note: "All of the options" does not include the "Bot/Unbot me" action.

An example of the optional bot variables in action:

window.WHAMBotMe = true;
window.WHAMBotReason = "Cleanup";
window.WHAMDelay = 100;
window.WHAMDeleteReason = "Housekeeping.";
window.WHAMBlockReason = "Vandalism";
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