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WallGreeting is an extension created for Unified Community Platform wikis to add a greeting to a user's message wall.

When the wall is viewed by its owner or by an admin, the script also shows a button to edit the greeting page.



The greeting page for this script should be stored on a user subpage — User:USERNAME/Message Wall Greeting. This is also the page that will be opened when clicking the "Edit Wall Greeting" button.

For backward compatability, the script would also display a greeting stored in Message Wall Greeting:USERNAME (in case a newer one does not exist), as it was used on the legacy platform. However, editing that page is blocked by Fandom. When the owner of such a message wall opens their wall, they will see a warning and a button to move the code to the new appropriate location.


August 26, 2020 (v1.1)
  • Initial release
January 8, 2021
  • Improvments and bug fixes
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