WallGreeting is an extension created for Unified Community Platform wikis to add a greeting to a user's message wall. It also adds a button that leads to editing the greeting - whether one already exists or not.


The recommended place to store the greeting page for this script is on a user subpage — User:USERNAME/Message Wall Greeting. This is the page that will be opened by default when clicking the "Edit Wall Greeting" button.

For backward compatability, the script also recognizes a greeting stored in Message Wall Greeting:USERNAME, as it was used to be on the legacy platform. Editing the greeting code on this namespace is having some issues, though - see on the Issues section.



  • Editing on the old Message Wall Greeting namespace is currently not possible with the 2010 source editor, only with the source mode of the 2017 editor. If a user has the 2010 source editor as their preferred editor on their Preferences, they cannot access the source mode of the 2017 editor (even by the proper URL), and therefore cannot edit their greeting code. Switching to use the User namespace as recommended, will allow the usage of any editor according to the user preferences.

Release Notes

August 26, 2020 (v1.1)
  • Initial release
January 8, 2021
  • Improvments and bug fixes
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