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Wiki-Up is a Windows desktop application that allows bulk uploading of images and other files to MediaWiki sites, including Fandom sites.

Instructions for installation and use can be found on the Wiki-Up GitHub page as can the source code.

To use Wiki-Up, you must first set up a bot password by going to the Special:BotPasswords page.

The minimum privileges you need to grant the bot password are:

  • Create, edit, and move pages
  • Upload new files
  • Upload, replace, and move files

After setting up the password you will see something like this.

The bot password for bot name "FoobarBOT" of user "Foobar" was created. The new password to log in with Foobar@FoobarBOT is 79dsfgfe4wkdkryt54ggdgrt45hdggdd. Please record this for future reference. (For old bots which require the login name to be the same as the eventual username, you can also use Foobar as username and FoobarBOT@79dsfgfe4wkdkryt54ggdgrt45hdggdd as password.)

Use the second form of username and password, the one that is "for old bots...".


Versions 1.4.0 and later have the ability to remember passwords for a given wiki/user combination. The passwords are securely encrypted before being stored.

System requirements

  • Windows 7 SP1 or later.
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 (Note this should already be installed on a Windows 10 PC)

Translators wanted

Looking for translators to translate Wiki-Up to other languages. At the moment only languages that use Latin script as code changes are necessary to support Cyrillic and other non Latin scripts. English and German are done. The work involved is translating the text in this resource file to the target language.

Leave a message on the talk page if you would be willing to help.

Color themes

Color themes are available in version 1.9.0 onwards.

Change your color theme in settings. Click on the cog icon in the title bar to access settings.

See also

  • UploadMultipleFiles: Similar to MultiUpload but allows selection of multiple files directly from a single dialog box.
  • MultiUpload: Similar functionality written in JavaScript.

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