This is a script that is only made for the Unified Community Platform.

This script is designed for only working on the Unified Community Platform. Importing this script on legacy wikis may cause the script to not run, or cause other issues.

WikiActivity is a script that reimplements the legacy Special:WikiActivity page into the Unified Community Platform with a modernized look.



The configuration object for this script is window.rwaOptions. Configurations must be added before importing the script. At this time, there are only two configurable properties for this script.

limit {Number}
This is the maximum number of entries to be shown on the WikiActivity page.
namespaces {Array}
This is an array of namespaces to filter entries.

Installing the script


September 6, 2020 (v0.5b)
Initial version, script created.
September 9, 2020 (v0.6b)
Added category previews.
Added image previews.
Created a diff button when it is not a new page.
Made CSS adjustments

Planned features

  • Integrate existing WikiActivity-related scripts to this script.
  • User interface enhancements.
    • Image and category previews.
    • User interface configurations.
    • Breadcrumbs?
    • History button.
  • Theming and CSS fixes.
  • Add more activity types.
  • Create another type of activity feed.
  • Right rail?
  • Activity feed module?

Known Issues/Bugs

None at this time.

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