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This script is for PERSONAL use only!

You are free to install this script for yourself, but it is not allowed to be used wiki-wide (e.g., in MediaWiki:Common.js or MediaWiki:Wikia.js), as it would violate Fandom's Terms of Use.
(See the customization policy)

WikiaCommunityCentralTheme recreates the classic, pre-Fandom Community Central look and feel. The layout was created from insights of old archives of the CC Wiki Theme, including self-taken screen-captures of CC Wiki before the redesign.

As of March 2017, I've been finding the classic pre-Fandom Community Central layout difficult to maintain, as Fandom has recently introduced new Fandom layouts which are too difficult to overcome without serious work which is far more trouble than it's worth.

So I've just been maintaining the colour scheme since it's the most important part of keeping the classic pre-Fandom Community Central look and feel.


Add this line to the top of your global.js file on the Community Central wiki. Always remember to refresh your cache after installation.

if (mw.config.get('wgCityId') === '177') {
        type: 'style',
        article: 'u:dev:MediaWiki:WikiaCommunityCentralTheme/code.css'

Change Log

Date Summary
19-12-16 Initial revision
20-12-16 Added CSS for a couple of borders/arrows
20-12-16 Added CSS for an arrow
20-12-16 Fixed CSS for a border
21-12-16 Added CSS for a border
21-12-16 Added CSS for some arrows/text
21-12-16 Added and fixed CSS for some arrows/text
22-12-16 Added and fixed CSS for some arrows
22-12-16 Added CSS for category gallery item span details and the wiki navbar
18-02-17 Added CSS for removed speech bubble message
03-03-17 Added CSS for Special:Contributions link in user page profiles
04-03-17 Added CSS for Discussion Posts link in user page profiles
24-03-17 Added some CSS for .pph-local-nav-sub-menu li:hover
25-03-17 Added some CSS for the new CC navbar
26-03-17 Removed the background behind the wordmark
26-03-17 Removed the new fandom logo. Added the old Wikia logo
30-03-17 Updated variant of old Wikia logo with white text added.
CC semi-transparent colours fixed and updated,
replacing the new colour scheme with the old one
31-03-17 Fixed CSS for some arrows and text
21-04-17 Join chat button text and outline colour fixes implemented
22-04-17 New Fandom rail module border and link colour fixes implemented
26-04-17 Discussion Notification link colour fix implemented
26-04-17 Pre-Fandom Community Central Background added
26-04-17 Background and New button preset colour fixes implemented
30-04-17 Sign out link hover colour fix implemented
30-04-17 Pi-Europa and Pi-Header colour fixes implemented
01-05-17 Insights icon dot colour fixes implemented
01-06-17 Slight colour fix implemented
03-06-17 Added some CSS for main page
14-06-17 Overriding new default CSS caused by a recent technical update
14-06-17 Minor arrow and button colour fixes implemented
15-06-17 Added CSS to expand the minimum width for page header drop-downs
16-06-17 Removed fandom logo from the new header. Minor alterations to buttons
20-06-17 Wikia University colour fixes implemented
10-07-17 The long awaited return of the classic logo has been restored
30-07-17 Corrected border colours and added shadows for the drop-down content
01-08-17 Removed the boldness from Page Title and restored Page Title size in Desktop XL Layout
14-08-17 Corrected LightboxModal/CarouselContainer border colour
31-08-17 Added wordmark for the editor, fixed wordmark size in Smaller screens
14-09-17 Added CSS for mcf card wiki articles header
20-09-17 Added CSS for new spinner stroke
24-09-17 Added some CSS for portable info-boxes
28-09-17 Added some CSS for MyTools
15-11-17 Fixed colour for input[type="submit"]:active
15-12-17 Added CSS for wall greeting button
18-12-17 Corrected CSS for bottom border of user activity header
23-12-17 Corrected global shortcuts hover colour
28-12-17 Fixed box shadow for text boxes
25-01-18 Fixed CSS for sign out button and border-radius for submit button
27-01-18 Fixed position of the wikia chiclet button
03-02-18 Fixed CSS for the publish button
04-02-18 Added CSS for the global users toggle label
07-02-18 Added CSS to reverse the changes made to the community header text and buttons
08-02-18 Added CSS to fix the community header button border colours when focused on
09-02-18 Play video icon colours fixed
20-02-18 Wikia page and modal wrapper border colours fixed
22-02-18 Wikia Chat User Stats Menu and rail module button border colours fixed
25-02-18 Sorting Bar, Sorting Menu, Sorting List, Wall, and Wall History hover colours fixed
05-03-18 Side Article border and text colours fixed
31-05-18 Fixed CSS for Recent Changes drop down menu. Also fixed colour for other drop down menus
14-07-18 Fixed CSS for wds buttons
18-07-18 Fixed CSS for the see more activity arrow button
19-07-18 Fixed CSS for wds buttons
31-07-18 Overrode Rubik font in blog namespace
02-08-18 Fixed CSS for the see more activity button
18-02-19 Fixed hover link colours for the Popular Pages module
08-05-19 Fixed CSS for category buttons
08-05-19 Fixed more CSS for category buttons
16-05-19 Added missing CSS for VisualEditor
21-05-19 Adding CSS for the blogs and the tools configuration hide icon. Though the former isn't quite finished
28-06-19 Adding CSS for the Discord icon on Profile Mastheads
01-07-19 Added missing CSS for edit page intro links
04-07-19 Added missing CSS for more links. Also added missing CSS for portable infobox templates
05-07-19 Added missing CSS for non-portable infoboxes
26-07-19 Fixing CSS that is no longer working
10-08-19 Added CSS for Analytics and Special:Search
31-08-19 Added CSS to override the new CSS for the Staff page
01-09-19 Added more CSS to override the new CSS for the Staff page
05-09-19 Added missing CSS for portable infoboxes
12-09-19 Fixed some CSS for the wds buttons
04-03-20 Updated some CSS for the wds community header
11-03-20 Applying a fix for the dropdown
20-07-20 Added missing CSS for reference popups
24-07-20 Added missing CSS for reference popups chevron out element
30-07-20 Added border CSS for the WikiaArticle fieldset .wds-button
31-01-21 Added support for UCP and removed support for legacy
10-02-21 Added missing CSS for the recirculation rails
14-02-21 Added missing CSS for spinner strokes and user profile activity navigation buttons
05-03-21 Fixed some CSS for blogs
08-03-21 Fixed some oo-ui CSS
09-03-21 Various colour fixes implemented
10-03-21 Fixing some CSS that was broken by a recent technical update
12-03-21 Fixing more CSS that was affected by a recent technical update
23-03-21 Added more CSS that should hopefully fix up the rest of the things that were caused by the recent update
25-03-21 Fixing some CSS that was changed by a recent technical update
28-03-21 Fixing some CSS for article comments and the
17-06-21 Removing oo-ui-menuSelectWidget width since it was broken in a recent update


  • Although recreating the classic Wikia Community Central Theme for most of the elements seen in Oasis skin has so far been successful, there are still a few elements that haven't or haven't yet been changed with this stylesheet.
    • Attempts to change the colour of the FounderProgressWidget preview founder-progress-bar-click-area have so far been unsuccessful since the author hasn't been able to inspect any CSS that can change it. It's probably no big deal to CC users though, since only discussion moderators, administrators, vanguards, global discussion moderators, content volunteers, soap, helpers, wiki specialists, wiki representatives, and staff can access the admin dashboard, and Community Central doesn't have a founder progress widget anyway, since older wikis don't have them.