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Change Log

Date Summary
15-05-17 Initial revision
18-05-17 Added pre-fandom logos
18-05-17 Updated due to fandom branding refresh
18-05-17 Tweaks to Wikia logo size in order to match old navbar
24-05-17 Removed fandom logo from footer
27-05-17 Removed fandom staff tags from speech bubbles
29-05-17 Replaced fandom staff tags from speech bubbles and signatures with classic Wikia staff tags
01-06-17 Removing the drop-down background and text hover colours that were added in a recent update
02-06-17 Expanded the maximum height for the account navigation drop-down
02-06-17 Fixed the drop-down content border radius
03-06-17 Added !important to hover drop-down content since main pages are typically unaffected otherwise
03-06-17 Fixed classic Wikia staff tags on message walls
14-06-17 Overriding new default CSS caused by a recent technical update
14-06-17 Fixing up the article header font size
15-06-17 Added CSS to expand the minimum width for page header drop-downs
04-07-17 Revised some navigation bar CSS
06-07-17 Revised some more navigation bar CSS
09-07-17 Updating navigation based on requests - Noreplyz
09-07-17 Added wikia logo to global footer
26-07-17 Added CSS to revert changes caused by a recent update
15-12-17 Added CSS for wall greeting button
25-01-18 Fixed CSS for sign out button and border-radius for submit button
27-01-18 Fixed position of the wikia chiclet button
04-02-18 Added CSS for the global users toggle label
11-07-18 Overriding some new default CSS caused by a recent technical update
14-07-18 Overriding some search bar drop-down CSS caused by a technical update
17-07-18 Overriding default CSS caused by a technical update, most of the broken CSS is now fixed
18-07-18 Overriding more CSS caused by technical update, almost all the broken CSS is now fixed
19-07-18 Fixed CSS for wds buttons and removed some old conflicting CSS
21-07-18 Fixed CSS for the submit button
25-07-18 Fixed CSS for the global navigation links once visited
16-08-18 Overriding global footer CSS caused by technical update
06-12-18 Fixed global footer font caused by technical update
14-02-19 Fixed outline colour of user avatar on the global navigation bar


  • This stylesheet has become more than just a stylesheet to restore the classic Wikia navigation bar style, since it restores the classic Wikia link colours in the popup links, rounded buttons, and also removes and replaces the fandom staff tags from the speech bubbles and signatures with the classic Wikia tags. At some point I will probably either need to rename the script, or much more likely, split it up into two scripts, moving the popup link and tags CSS to a new separate script, for those that don't want the default staff tags and the popup link colours to be replaced.