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This script/stylesheet is for PERSONAL use only!

You are free to install this script/stylesheet for yourself, but it is not allowed to be used wiki-wide (e.g., in MediaWiki:ImportJS, MediaWiki:Common.js, MediaWiki:Common.css, MediaWiki:Fandomdesktop.js, MediaWiki:Fandomdesktop.css, or MediaWiki:FandomMobile.css), as it would violate Fandom's Terms of Use.
(See the customization policy)

Wikimarks replaces the "Explore" menu with the links that you find most useful.

Wikimarks are fully editable. You can add as many links as there's space on the menu bar. You can add submenus to each entry, of course. And you can even add sub-submenus - which Fandom's standard menu doesn't know.

Wikimarks travels with you. The menu contains exactly the same links in every wiki you go to. It's your menu after all.

If you want to keep the original Explore menu visible despite adding the Wikimarks menu, you can restore it by putting the following code on your personal CSS:

.wds-tabs__tab > .wds-dropdown > .wds-tabs__tab-label {
    display: inline-flex !important;


Note: Installation is only the first step, you must also edit your Wikimarks to actually create your links!


To edit your Wikimarks, click on the logo which appears in the navigation menu where it would normally say "On the Wiki". You could also go directly to Special:MyPage/Wikimarks.

For a quick start, there is a starter set that includes a lot of useful links. Just copy it to your Wikimarks, save, and you're done.


Editing Wikimarks is easy, it's just a list of links - one link per line. Each link is wikitext, same as you use to edit pages in source mode.

  1. The line begins with one, two or three asterisks.
    1. * One asterisk will place the link on the Wikimarks menu.
    2. ** Two asterisks will place it on a submenu of the Wikimarks menu.
    3. *** And three asterisks will place it on a sub-submenu.


Here are some basic examples:

Makes a local link to Special:RecentChanges on the current wiki
* [[Special:RecentChanges|Recent Changes]]
Makes an interwiki link to w:c:dev:Wikimarks
* [[w:c:dev:Wikimarks|Wikimarks]]
Makes a regular hyperlink to
* [ Wikimarks]
Makes a regular hyperlink to
* [ Google]

For more advanced examples, see Wikimarks/Syntax.

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